Wooden workshop on Samokatnaya 2a, Moscow, Russia
Manufacture of wooden trays to order
according to your size and other requests
We produce trays to order by your size from 1 pc.
OakBird is a team of professionals and creative people who are keen on living their craft. The result of our work is practical and beautiful products from noble wood for your home. We combine design and the gifts of nature.

Materials we usually use:

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Beech Oak Larch

Hard, heavy and 
solid wood. 
Products from beech, 
with moisture should 
handle with oil.

One of the most durable 
from available breeds 
tree. Not afraid of moisture. 
It is very durabe.

Wood is hard, 
resistant to decay. 
Perfectly preserved 
hundreds and thousands of years.


Produsing a custom tray, we take into account:

Scheme of work
You leave a request for the tray with dimensions and type of wood
We calculate costs and inform you. We draw a tray and offer you several variations of the location of sells
We make tray with CNS machinery and send you some photos
We carefully pack the tray and send to customer by delivery service EMS
Advantages of working with us:
Our offers
Larch tray
Larch is harder than the oak tree. Larch has no equal in durability. For many hundreds and even thousands of years, larch is beautifully preserved, acquiring over time greater strength and original coloring. Larch made piles of houses in Venice.
from 70$
Beech tray
Beech - hard, heavy and solid wood. A beech tray that comes into contact with moisture must be handle with oil.
from 100$
Oak tray
Oak is one of the most durable of the available wood species. A tray of oak is not afraid of moisture. It is characterized by extraordinary durability.
from 133$
Tray with individual arrangement of devices
Tray, in which for each device an individual cell for storage is provided. To make such trays, we use a tree with a beautiful texture: ash, walnut, oak. These trays look very nice and impressive!
from 200$
We can make a tray and also other accessories for kitchen from another tree: 
ash, walnut, wenge, polysander, teak, oak "karagach", mahogany and other types.

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Materials we use: a solid edge glued wood panels


Tray thickness (height)

Edge glued wood panels are 4 cm and 2 cm thick (sometimes 18 or 16 mm.) 
Edge glued wood panels with thickness over 4 cm are made by gluing in the press two edge glued wood panels of different thicknesses. 
We can make tray with a thickness (height) of 4 cm, 6 cm or 8 cm by gluing 4 cm + 2 cm or 4 cm. + 4 cm.

Usually, for storage of cutlery, the thickness (height) of the tray is 4 cm. 
If there are many cutlery, it is advisable to increase the  (height) of the tray to 6 cm. 
Tray thickness more than 6 cm use very seldom.

Feedbacks from our customers
Alexander (Moscow)
Thank you, looked into the live tray - it looks like fire!
Alex (St.Petersburg)
Hello. Yes, the tray received, everything is fine. I can say a little tip-advice, when packing, it is better to avoid direct contact of the adhesive tape and the product, and then there is glue that needs to be cleaned off like that, well, and there are no remarks on the tray. Thank you.
Dmitry (Moskow)
We ordered 2 large beech trays. The director did not like the colors of the beech shields from the shops, namely the alternation of light and dark shades. Together with the master traveled a few shops, eventually found the right option. The search for a tree and the production of trays took a couple of weeks. In the end, everything came clearly, without gaps. Thank you.
If you still have any questions, leave the contacts and we will contact you back in the near future.
Our adress:
Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. till 8 p.m.
Russia, Moscow, Samokatnaya street, house 2a. post index 111033
How to pay?

Usually we take prepayment 50% for purchasing of wood, another 50% payment when tray will be ready. 
Payment method - Money Viza Transfer, Western Union

Cost of delivery?

Cost of delivery in accordance with EMS tarifes:
to European Union - 53$
to USA, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, India - 64$ 


What language to communicate with you?

English, Chinese, Russian